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We know how important your book is to you. According to your needs our important services will be able to reach your book to as many readers as possible. You can take advantage of any of our services with your publishing package at your own convenience. So that you can earn as many royalties as possible and become a famous successful Author.


Sponsored Ads

Google sponsored links, another name for Google ads or AdWords ads, are an option that Google offers to sites and businesses that want to pay a fee to appear in the search results for relevant search queries. Google sponsored links are an excellent way to gain brand exposure and attract qualified visitors to your website.

INR 15,999

Amazon Pre-Order

as others have said, you pay when it ships. But I'd also like to add that i've read when pre-ordering something limited edition, if you edit your pre-order to change payment method, you lose your "spot in line" However I've had success easily adding gift cards to the pre-order over time to reduce what will be charged to me when it ships.

INR 3,999

Prime Placement

Amazon is one of the largest book sellers of India and buyers are more inclined to buy Prime enabled books as such books are shipped from Amazon’s warehouse and are fulfilled by Amazon. Inventory of your book will be kept at Amazon’s warehouse for 3 months.

INR 4,999

Facebook Advt.

Being digital & active over social media is a must in today’s world. You must have seen various sponsored posts over Facebook. We will be create the banners for your Facebook page & boost it to more audience.

INR 8,999

Google Ads

Grow your business with Google Ads. Get in front of customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps. Only pay for results, like clicks to your website or calls to your business.

INR 8,999

Author Website

A great author website reflects the nature of the writer’s style, helps fans get to know the author better, provides an easy way for authors to connect to their audience, and remains easy to navigate.

INR 12,999


Premium Cover

Design includes all the features of our Premium Cover Design service and further enhances your cover’s impact by including time for Photoshop composite art or original custom vector graphics, additional stock imagery and/or non-standard typefaces.

INR 4,999

Special Cover

An event which is not nationally important enough to be commemorated by issue of a Commemorative or Special stamp or for which a stamp cannot be accommodated in the annual issue programme may be commemorated by the Department of Post by issue of Special Covers which can be cancelled with a special cancellation at the post office selected for the purpose.

INR 10,999

Interior Design

Flipping through a gorgeously photographed interior design book can certainly spark the interest in giving your own space a little revamp.

INR 3,999

Editing Services

Typing (English)

Current typing text options include random common English words, random easy words, books, book summaries short stories, fables, sight words for kids, random interesting and funny facts, random wise proverbs, and even the ability to type whatever you want with the custom text option.


Typing (Hindi)

Typing (Hindi) Typing services for authors take handwritten manuscripts on diary or papers type the manuscript & then return for amends. We then help authors publish book. Under this your manuscript of Hindi will be typed and proofreading and error will not be included under it. A maximum of 250 words will be counted on one page.



Many times the authors typed their own manuscripts themselves. In such a situation, there is an error in the space and the second paragraph in their typing. Whereby their entire manuscript is disintegrated. In such a situation, we completely correct his manuscript. But do not include editing and proofreading.



I know. With the greatest of respect for book designers and internal formatters, formatting isn’t exactly the sexiest of topics for an author to consider. You’d much rather paint a new world on the canvas of your book than talk about unadorned, 12-point Times New Roman. But that’s why we need to talk about it.


Proof Reading

Our Ebook Proofreading service is designed for ebooks that are almost ready to be published and just need a final proofread. We’ll spot and correct the lingering errors in a text that you’ve read too many times to notice the niggling problems—spelling, grammar, and typographical errors.


Copy Editing

Copy editors are mechanics for language: they edit your book’s text, otherwise known as “copy.” Fiction or non-fiction, academic or populist, thriller or sci-fi, copy editors help create the most readable version of your book. They’ll make sure your manuscript isn’t riddled with bad .


ISBN & Copyright

ISBN Allocation

ISBN – International Standard Book Number. When you publish a book, First Choice Books can assign your book an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) which is unique to your book. The ISBN identifies First Choice Books as the printer, and is available for immediate use. Or, if you would like to apply for your own ISBN, and list your own



To copyright a book, publish it online or in book form with your full name and the date of publication. Additionally, use the copyright symbol when you publish your book. However, these steps only give you common-law copyright protection.

INR 1,999


National Distribution

Book distributors help publishers get their books placed into bookstores, libraries, specialty stores, schools , indian eCommerce web stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Krafly, Shopclues,, Infibeam, and our Prachi Digital book store from where your readers can buy your book as available.

INR 3,999

Ingram Distribution

With tools like Ingram ipage ® never miss a sale because the books your customers want are on backorder. Always have the books you need to meet consumer demand. Sync your point of sale system with one of the largest book inventories and distribution networks in the world.

INR 4,999

Worldwide Distribution

worldwide distribution services Worldwide Distribution Services provides a complete outsourcing service for our clients in logistics, distribution, freight management and consulting. We are a family owned and operated business where customer service and quality is our number one focus.

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Press Release

A press release is an announcement written in a news style. Look for and learn the Associated press' "Five Ws" News style of: Who, What, Where, When and Why. Then use your creativity to write your press release using that style.

INR 4,999

Book Review

Reviews of the best new is a great way to encourage your potential readers to buy your book. We can connect you with genuine book lovers who would love to read your book and write a review on indibooks. The basic information of the author and book is published and listed absolutely free.

INR 2,999

Video Trailer

A Book Video Trailer is a slick, creative way to showcase your work and market your book effectively to a wide audience. Besides making you look uber-cool, your Hollywood-ready Book Video Trailer comes with a number of other fringe benefits: * Entertaining format that will hook potential readers and keep them engaged.

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